About Karen

Karen, a Vancouver Island native now residing in Greater Victoria. She’s a self-taught artist who picked up the brush at eleven, finding inspiration in British Columbia’s stunning wilderness – from skiing and kayaking to exploring the Great Bear Rainforest and Pacific Rim.

Karen’s art is a love letter to the unique beauty and rugged landscapes of British Columbia’s coastline. With a natural flair, she skillfully captures the essence of her surroundings on canvas, showcasing a deep connection to the region’s majesty.

Her portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence, embodying the spirit of a dedicated creator shaped by a life intimately intertwined with BC’s unparalleled landscapes.

Tofino, Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Mediums & Materials Used

I work primarily in extra soft pastel (Schmincke): pastel on paper, and pastel and non-toxic artists pouring medium on canvas. I also love to work in oil (Gamblin) on canvas.